Performative Methods in the Design of Architectural Lighting

Af Karin Søndergaard


In the foreword to his book from 1959 "Experiencing

Architecture", the Danish architect and former professor

at the Royal Academy, School of Architecture in

Copenhagen, Steen Eiler Rasmussen argues that “the

architect is a sort of theatrical producer, the man who

plans the settings of our lives […] The architect sets the

stage for a long, slowmoving performance which must

be adaptable enough to accommodate unforseen



Rasmussen anticipated a way of thinking architecture,

which nowadays – and as a result of postmodern

philosophy – has further developed into even more

radical approaches, where the behaviour and experience

of engaged inhabitants have become central.


The Danish theorist Marianne Krog Jensen argues that

“architecture is a cultural action […] We no longer ask

what architecture is; we ask what it does. Space is

something that unfolds; it is defined through movement,

action and creation”. The experience of architecture

emerges out of the activities of living and is shaped by

the negotiation between our experiential accounts and

performative engagement. ...


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